Neotech Alto Sax Tone Filter 3201002
Neotech Alto Sax Tone Filter 3201002
Neotech Alto Sax Tone Filter 3201002

Neotech Alto Sax Tone Filter 3201002

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Sax players know that many notes are difficult to play softly and still maintain good tone. Neotech’s Sax Tone Filter™ reduces the volume of air that is allowed through the horn so it is easier to hold good tone even while playing at lower volume. Simply place the Sax Tone Filter™ snugly in the bell of your instrument at the desired angle. The friction fit of the Sax Tone Filter™ holds its position nicely even when you move around with your instrument.

The Sax Tone Filter™ helps to maintain proper back pressure in the horn which keeps air flowing through all of the keys while blowing less air. It can be used in various positions within the instrument to affect the instrument’s tone. This can be particularly helpful when blending with other musicians or ensembles. This feature is especially useful in the harder-to-play lower notes.

Made of soft rubberized material, the Sax Tone Filter™ holds securely in place without any danger of scratching the instrument’s finish. It can be hand washed in mild detergent and left to dry. Give it a try!

  • Alto: Outer diameter: 2.9"; Inner diameter: 1.5"
  • Materials: Flexible rubber material
  • Maintains tone with full breath support
  • Great for use while practicing or performing
  • Place filter at different angles for additional tonal varieties
  • Made in the USA
  • 3201002