Used KHDK Electronics No. 1 - Black
Used KHDK Electronics No. 1 - Black

Used KHDK Electronics No. 1 - Black

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KHDK Electronics No. 1 - Black

The No.1's unique feature is its double gain control

One just wasn't enough! That's why we built No.1 with two gain controls.

Gain one controls the first gain stage from a pure clean boost to a naturally compressing overdrive. Gain two shares one knob with the Bass control. It cleverly controls the gain and the low-end of the next gain stage, which adds rich harmonics, bottom end, and natural tube-like saturation to your tone. It's designed as an active high-pass filter for the second gain stage and allows you to set the amount of bottom-end with precision. The result is rich, harmonic overdrive.

It's versatile and bold: with the Gain switch on Lo, the No.1 ranges from a barely-breaking-up overdrive to a classic crunch. Set the Gain on Hi and you can take it from an aggressive, dirty rhythm tone all the way up to a beautiful lead tone.


No.1 utilizes KHDK's original true bypass circuit using our special blend of solid state and mosfet technology. Like all KHDK pedals, No.1 is proudly crafted and quality-tested in Kentucky, USA.